Building Beyond Limits

Luxury homes built with the environment in mind. Passive construction, combined with the highest quality materials, creates a winning combination for both the homeowner and the earth.

Building Beyond Limits

Luxury homes built with the environment in mind. Passive construction, combined with the highest quality materials, creates a winning combination for both the homeowner and the earth.

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We specialize in building custom, site specific luxury homes on Long Island and in New York City that are selected and designed around our client’s unique vision. Craftsmanship, exceptional quality and daily personal attention is the foundation on which our innovative Luxury Homes are built.

We Build High Performance Homes combining Craftsmanship, Technology & Building Science.

Featured Property

44 Bath Street

Lido Beach, NY 11561

This spectacular contemporary oceanfront new build spans an impressive 7,000 +/- square feet of indoor/outdoor space and sits on some of the most sought-after land in the Lido Dunes.

Featured Property

25 Hilton Avenue

Garden City, NY 11530

This 4-Level Georgian Brick Colonial Personifies Luxury, Style, & Superb Workmanship. Original charm respected and thoughtfully married with today’s open floor plan.

Featured Property

1770 Bay Blvd

Atlantic Beach, NY 11509

A serene sanctuary for exquisite living and impressive entertaining with uncompromised Bay views, contemporary-style design, and beachfront comforts. Crafted for the most discerning buyer, this exceptional new-construction home located on the exclusive Bay Boulevard in the Village of Atlantic Beach offers 8 beds/ 8.5 baths across approx 7,000 sqft.

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Discover Our Luxury Home Innovation

Why we are Different

Anyone can say they build luxury homes, but here's why we are different.


Most homes built today in the US are not designed to stand the test of time.  Cheaper materials and easier, less exacting building methods have become the norm.  At Skyline Development, we see things differently, thanks to our collective backgrounds in engineering, Silicon Valley tech start-ups, and Wall Street banks.  We incorporate the latest building science and the finest materials, so that our homes are designed to last more than 150 years.

Better, Faster, More

Since one of our primary goals is building “permanent homes,” we naturally use the best building materials we can find. Steel, fluid applied weather barriers, hurricane windows, continuous insulation, and over-engineered structural supports are just few examples of some of the things we incorporate into the homes we build.

The Dream Process

At Skyline Development, we believe in always doing what is best for our clients and the home they will live in. This requires individuals with various skillsets to join forces and put their heads together to create the best possible product. Customer needs are often unique and through our experience we have learned that the best way to address these needs is with a collaborative approach from start to finish.


We are constantly reevaluating the latest technological advancements and applying them to the home building process in order to create the best product for our clients.  Building science is the collection of scientific knowledge that focuses on the analysis of the physical phenomena affecting buildings. We are obsessed with building science and more specifically the way it is constantly evolving. 


Skyline Development Corp’s goal is to be a national builder in the residential, commercial and infrastructure arenas, leading the way in building innovation from coast-to-coast. We continue to raise the bar of what is possible by implementing new technological advancements as they become available

Giving Back

We truly value the communities we build in, they are truly a part of our business, and so we make sure to support them in any way that we can.  One way we do this is by giving back through volunteering time or donating to local organizations that make an impact in the community.

Only high-end quality materials

Why would we use anything less. A luxury home builder should include the best sourced materials for the lifestyle you will be living in.

We Build Towards Passive Home Standards

Passive House is a building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable and affordable at the same time.

Passive House is not a brand name, but a tried and true construction concept that can be applied by anyone, anywhere.

Yet, a Passive House is more than just a low-energy building:

  • Passive Houses allow for space heating and cooling related energy savings of up to 90% compared with typical building stock and over 75% compared to average new builds. Passive Houses use less than 1.5 l of oil or 1.5 m3 of gas to heat one square meter of living space for a year – substantially less than common “low-energy” buildings. Vast energy savings have been demonstrated in warm climates where typical buildings also require active cooling.
  • Passive Houses make efficient use of the sun, internal heat sources and heat recovery, rendering conventional heating systems unnecessary throughout even the coldest of winters. During warmer months, Passive Houses make use of passive cooling techniques such as strategic shading to keep comfortably cool.
  • Passive Houses are praised for the high level of comfort they offer. Internal surface temperatures vary little from indoor air temperatures, even in the face of extreme outdoor temperatures. Special windows and a building envelope consisting of a highly insulated roof and floor slab as well as highly insulated exterior walls keep the desired warmth in the house – or undesirable heat out.
  • A ventilation system imperceptibly supplies constant fresh air, making for superior air quality without unpleasant draughts. A highly efficient heat recovery unit allows for the heat contained in the exhaust air to be re-used.

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