The Lido Dunes

The Lido Dunes

Nestled alongside the award-winning private beaches, the Lido Dunes is an elegant and picturesque beach community boasting multi million-dollar homes. The development of the Lido Dunes was arranged by former New York Senator William Reynolds during the 1920’s. A successful entrepreneur, William Reynolds is also often referred to as the “father” of Long Beach, NY. The western section of Lido Beach was first known as Lido Colony. Many of the older homes in the area were built right around the Depression. During the period of Prohibition at least one house, still existing, was known as a drop for the rum-runners. Since that time, the Lido Dunes has become known as a haven for private, relaxed upscale luxury living.

The Neighbors

Affluent residents who enjoy access to major amenities in the area with a relaxed vibe.

With an average home sold price of more than 1 million dollars, residents of the Lido Dunes are some of the most affluent in the area. Having access to some of the best recreational services in the city (including a golf course, restaurants, boat marina, and more), the Lido Dunes attracts those looking for a quiet and relaxed vibe while enjoying the sprawling beach landscape.

What to Expect

Laidback and relaxed neighborhood with pristine beaches and warm ocean breezes.

Although the Lido Dunes is enveloped by a thriving metropolis, it maintains the calm and cool feel of an elegant, yet laidback enclave. Incidentally, that vibe attracts celebrities from all walks of life. The residents have included people such as former NY Yankees pitcher, Jim Bourton and Olympic Gold medalist Eleanor Holm. Residents of the Lido Dunes love the private resident-only beach access, the closeness to New York City and of course the world-famous Marvel ice cream shop at the base of the community.

You’ll Fall In Love With

The serene beach panorama and sunsets as well as the quiet streets.

Residents here have the luxury of having an 18-hole golf course (Lido Gold Club) right across the street and a boat marina 2 minutes up the road. There are endless shops and stores within a 5-minute drive. This neighborhood also has some of the most unique architecture in the area with numerous luxury contemporary and modern designs. Residents often walk and bike along the gorgeous path beside the dunes that leads to Ocean Blvd. The residents also have the convenience of having the Lido Beach Town Park directly adjacent to the neighborhood which provides baseball fields and playgrounds for the community.

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